What 5 years can do to the simplest of material!

In this post I’d like to show the development of one of my earliest trees. Although the tree is far from perfect, it has accompanied me from the very start of my bonsai adventures, and in a lot of ways mirrors my own journey. It is also a great example of how consistent work can yield good results from even the simplest of material. Continue reading

Would YOU join the tour? – Poll

One of the most frequent comments I get when people hear that I’m from Israel, is how much they’d like to visit the country.

In the US, in Italy, in the UK, and most recently at the Noelanders show in Belgium, almost everyone I meet says “Oh, you’re from Israel! I’ve always wanted to visit!”, followed immediately by “What’s the bonsai scene like there?”. Even people who’ve visited in the past, say they want to visit again.

Always one to listen to the crowd, I’ve decided to explore the possibility of organizing a tour to Israel, custom-tailored to the bonsai community. Please imagine that such a tour really was available in 2013 and answer the following poll honestly. Please note that such a tour would probably cost a couple thousand dollars.

If a tour were to be organized of Israel in the next 12 months, specifically for bonsai enthusiasts - would you make the trip?

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